July 14th

Finally managed to get a meeting arranged at Kozankoy Primary School this evening. The church had offered a substantial sum to assist in the repair wok needed at this school. This school only has 78 pupils but they all are bussed in from outlying villages up the mountain and whilst the government pays teachers salaries, books and other educational material there seems to be nothing left over for structural maintenance and rainwater leaking onto the heads of the kids is not helpful when trying to teach.

There is a very active parent teachers association and the Lapta municipality is also going to chip in, so with some luck the kids will go back next September to a wholly spruced up school. Think that will be something to report about !!

This is the main building that needs attention. The mayor, Fuat Namsoy is on the left, the Headmistress on the right.

This is the main building that needs attention. The mayor, Fuat Namsoy is on the left, the Headmistress on the right.

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July 12th

After church today a gang of us went to the Kervan restaurant for some lunch, a nice change from Al Shaheen’s and his English roast.  Yesterday was the weejkly English newspaper day, so guess it’s time to browse through that and pick out bits that might be of interest.

The first interesting story is that the bailiffs have swooped on Ministerial cars this week to force payment of compensation for land which originally belonged to a Greek Cypriot. The Immovable Property Commission was set up some time ago to deal with these matters and apparently £2.1 million was awarded in 2011 but has not yet been paid. The article does not mention if there are similar claims being handled by the IPC on the other side of the border, but one would for sure, hope so.

It is interesting to note that compulsory military service still takes place here and of course in Turkey. Anyone remember those days, in fact anyone willing to own up to being that old. Well it seems that two military personnel tortured a young Turkish soldier to death whilst he was doing his National Service here on the island, they have been found guilty and sentenced to  Life for this crime. the court heard that others had been subjected to cruelty by the same pair so the judge had no qualms about awarding the life sentence.

Hooray, the water pipeline is scheduled for completion this month. Bad weather during the winter has seriously delayed completion, but it looks now as if they are nearing the end. Guess there will be a grand opening when the first water comes under the sea through 80 kilometers of pipeline. Lots of work is going on all over TRNC to lay new pipes that I assume are to take the water from the new reservoir to homes. It will be interesting to see how many leaks we get in these new pipes.

The two leaders are still talking but nothing serious seems to be coming out of these talks, there was a suggestion that island wide telephone links would be agreed as a confidence building measure but his has still not been agreed. Surely that can’t be a difficult thing to agree, but I suppose somebody does not want to give too much away too soon.

Guess what, a whole series of car smashes this week and for each and every one reported, ” the driver lost control”  no place is it mentioned that the driver might just have been on the phone or sending a text.


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July 10th

This evening we met up with Del and Sandra, these guys used to operate “Lady Da’s” a much frequented restaurant with the gang. Joan and I had not really seen much of these two for some time so we had much to catch up on. The four of us met up at “Blue Song” one of the Lapta strip restaurants that we all new. A great evening and lots to talk about. They are off to Turkey in a couple of weeks for an all inclusive holiday package with the girls, so we agreed to contact and meet up again when they get back.

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July 8th

Barbara’s son Robert was heading off back to UK today after a week visiting his mother. We all went over to the South, did some bits of supermarket shopping then went to the fish & chip restaurant in Dekalia before dumping Robert at Larnaca airport. It was his request just to be left at the airport with a full tummy and enough Euros for a couple of beers whilst waiting. This meant that the three of us where back home at a reasonable time and we heard that Robert also made it back OK.

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July 7th

Roger and Gill are heading off back to UK for a few months so we agreed to meet up at Veni Vici for a meal this evening. As per always, Nadine looked after us well and have never heard a complaint about food quality there.  Guess there are a few more restaurants that could take a hint from them.

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July 4th

There is a concert at the Girne Amphitheatre tonight, A bob Marley concert by a group from Uk with funds raised going to Children in Need. We reckoned that it was worth the effort of having an early dinner and giving our money to a good cause. We sort of remembered Reggae style music, although I have to say not amongst our real favourite stuff. Anyway the concert was good and we had taken a cool box with a bottle of Pinoit Grigio to help while away the evening.

According to today’s newspaper a British Woman fought off a rapist in her Lapta home. The guy is supposed to have gone to the woman’s home, slapped her in the face before the attempted rape. Strange story, one has to ask how he got in?

Lots of trouble in Lefkosa this week, the farmers have been blocking roads with all sorts of implements, such a combine harvesters. They are protesting about the prices they get for their barley. The government argues that the price is high in comparison to that which is received in the south.

The paper suggests that the Cyprus leaders are “immersed” in talks. At the same time there are reports of Groups protesting about some of the discussions. Who knows where this is going to end and I can’t see either side giving too much ground.

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July 3rd

Joan and I went down to the Habana bar again yesterday morning, to find the water still quite green, so we gave that a miss and came back to Lapta for a swim in the sea. I left Joan down there and came back to do some work on the accounts so she just relaxed in the sun and the sea.

Today we decided to go down to the cabin restaurant again, use their beach area and then stay for lunch. Joan had a Tuna Green Salad, which she declared to be delicious and I had pasta with chicken and mushroom cream sauce, equally delicious.

Because we had a larger than normal lunch, we decided to go up to the village in the evening to a new bar called “The Legend of Troy”. Nice bar with a large garden area to sit, the wine was a reasonable price and good quality and we teamed this up with a cheese platter as a snack. Nice snack but next time we will pick something else on their limited menu. A number of friends just turned up for a drink also, probably because it’s quite new, but Joan and I spent the evening with Morton and Gulseven, very enjoyable it was too. That bar will get some more frequent visits I think.

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July 1st

How many of you remember Benji, the rescue dog that Sharon took in. Well I am not too sure but I think he has found a comfy place for himself. Sharon says he remains a real cutie.

Now that looks like comfort to me !!

Now that looks like comfort to me !!

We had agreed to go with Barbara over to Larnaca to collect her son Robert who is coming over to see her for a week. We three took the opportunity to do some shopping on the way, to stock up with cat food etc and then drive out to Dekalia camp to visit their fish and chip restaurant prior to picking Robert up, as his flight was not due in until 20.50. He had been warned to eat before leaving UK as it would be very late when we got home.

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June 30th

At 4.15 a.m. this morning there w2as a huge bang which made us both sit up in bed, followed by a tremendous hissing noise. When we looked out of the window, the hot water tank next door looked as if it was blowing it’s top. Really just the pressure valve letting go, but the noise is huge and if you don’t get to it quick then it can empty your water system. The systems here a a bit different to what you are used to in UK. Anyway the problem is that next door is a holiday home and the people have just gone back last weekend from their visit. Luckily Pat has a key but was not too pleased to get an early morning call. When she opened up I went in with her and switched all electrics off, which killed the alarm and also, much to our surprise the electric immersion heater and the water pump.

Now you have to imagine, outside temperatures of approaching 37 degrees, a set of solar panels to heat the water and then the immersion heater left on when they went back to UK, so finally the hot water tank said enough of this thank you. You have to question the mentality that switches on an immersion heater in a hot climate and then to leave it on when you leave the property. The other curious thing is, the owners have just appointed new management people, “Villa Books” here in Lapta. We know a number of villa management people who would always go in at least the day following departure to check everything out, clearly not Villa Books. Maybe they need a more professional team.

Joan and i went down to the Habana Bar for some water aerobics But when we got there the pool had gone green with algae, so we abandoned that idea and went round to visit Anne and David’s place to pick plums. We were lucky, David had already picked us a nice big bag full so we will be enjoying those for a few days yet.

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June 29th

Almost the final day of the month and at 5 pm today we have a church council meeting. Interesting one, because there are issues which need to be addressed about “protocol” conflicts of interest” etc. Could be a hard one.

I bailed out of the meeting at 6.45 as I originally said I would as Joan and I had tickets for the BRS Wine Tasting event at the Black Olive. We have to always remember that we have a social life as well. a great event and as always Vicki at the Black Olive did us really proud with her food and David, from Wines of the World came up with some good wines, available at reasonable prices. A great evening in good company.

Danny says Hi.

Danny says Hi. But I think David might have nodded off.

By the end of the evening our friend David had clearly had enough, but I suppose that is not surprising as it is only two weeks since he had a triple by-pass. He says that unfortunately, whatever they have done, has made him lose his sense of taste, now that’s really poor luck at a wine tasting.

That's our Vickie, who did a super job with the catering.

That’s our Vickie, who did a super job with the catering.


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