August 27th

Fired up the new tablet this morning, but after 1 or 2 hours it started to play up by disconnecting APS etc and then I could not get Google and therefore no e-mails.Very dissapointing, seems like a faulty one. I called the company supplying, explained the difficulty of getting stuff delivered out here and that if I managed to find somebody going home to UK this coming weekend, I could do a pre-paid postage thing but didn’t know how long it would be before I could find an address for somebody to bring a replacement. On this basis, I asked for a refund in to our UK account, so hopefully that will happen and then I can start again.

We do have George and Susan coming to stay with us in just over 2 weeks time so providing I get the refund and can get another tablet to them, I should be able to start playing again. Watch this space.

Having spoken to Andrew this morning, he said he had a friend, who works for Royal Mail in the Liverpool sorting office and he was going back next Sunday. The ideal person, if he is willing to take the parcel.

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August 26th

After the aqua aerobics thingy this morning at Cabin Beach, Joan went off for a girlie day out to the South. When they came back, she had bought nothing but a few bottles of Whiskas cat milk and as they had a very light lunch, we both went down to The Cabin for dinner. Much more fun than a girlie day out.

Roger called me this evening as they had just arrived back from the UK and he had brought my new tablet. He knew I would want to play a.s.a.p., so is bringing round tomorrow morning. Look forward to that.

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August 25th

Would you believe that Joan persuaded me to join her at the Zumba Dance class this morning. She keeps saying that I need the exercise, but if I need it in this heat is something else. I did discover what I already knew, I have little cooridination to dance music and that doing this in 35 degree heat is not good. But then “she who must be obeyed, I suppose”

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August 23rd

Now that’s what you call an interesting headline “ Four Catch HIV From Woman’s Sex Spree”. This was clearly a deliberate thing done after the woman’s boyfriend was deported after testing positive and after she had received her own diagnosis. It wouls seem, according to the report, that this act is deemed illegal in most European countries, but loopholes in the law here are going to allow the woman to go free. It appears that she had sex with 11 guys in a 10 day period and infected 4 of them. Now the government is discussing the drafting of a new law to make it a crime to intentionally transmit the virus.

Scandle brewing around the Near East Hospital. Suspicions were arroused when it was learned that that Near East Hospital planned to carry out a kidney transplant between a 28 year old Ukranian donor and a 75 year old Israeli recipient. The recipient could have had the surgery for free at home. The hospital’s transplant permit has been revoked and the mimistry, after lodging a complaint with the Attorney Generals office and called in police and security forces investigators. It is also said that Interpol has been asked to investigate. Obviously this is set to rumble on, but Near East is a very expensive hospital and they claim to have all the permits and expertise.

Interesting note from the South. Cyprus Airways, which has been in serious finacial trouble for some time are now in talks with Ryanair. Cyprus Airways is currently government owned and probably like the old CTA here in the North, probably very seriously overstaffed. It would be an interesting development, because I believe Mr Michael O’Leary is a fairly shrewd man, but even he admits it’s a very political process here on the island.

It has been a big week for Reggae fans. There have been concerts almost every evening during the last week. Now Joan and I are not huge reggae fans but she obtained two tickets for tonights event at The Habana Bar in Alsancak. It is in aid of Children in Need and apart from the music includes a meal of Jerk Chicken and rice for only 25 TL with 10 of that going to the charity.

Dancers enjoying the music and dancing off the superb food.

Dancers enjoying the music and dancing off the superb food.

A great night and now I know what Jerk Chicken is.

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August 22nd

Joan and I have been trying to take our friends Cengiz and Yildiz out for dinner for quite some time. These two own Outback Property, ( and have done much of the work needed around our rental villa recently. If you happen to want work or property managhement, you could do a lot worse than employ these people. The work they do is competative in price and also your job is completed to a very high standard.

I have personally known these two since the old days, when I used to be involved in kitchen white goods and Cengiz, with his brother Zafer, owned Sydney Construction. As you might guess these two brothers where born in Australia and then came back to the island to set up a building company here. With the downturn in building work here, they split up and went their own ways but we have still remained friends with them both.

We had a very enjoyable evening at our favourite place, The Cabin Restaurant and Joan and i vowed to encourage the gang to eat there next Friday as well. Our 34th wedding anniversery.

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August 21st

Joan went off to her Aqua class at the Habana Bar this morning and then later met up with me at The Blue Song restaurant, here on Lapta strip, as we had agreed to meet up with Zalena and Igor, our Russian friends, who are only here for a few days. Their visits are always very brief as they seem to work strange shifts over there in Moscow.

They were asking about things like bank security and property investments here on the island an indication that they are getting increasingly concerned about the situation in Russia. Interesting to hear it direct from Russian people who are intellegent enough to be concerned about the future.

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August 20th

We had agreed to go to Larnaca airport and collect Barbara’s daughter, who is here for two months. The idea is that she thinks Barbara needs looking after. Obviously we had all three agreed that this was also an opportunity to do some shopping on the way, as her flight was not due until 9 p.m.

First job for Joan and I this morning was to catch two cats and take them to the vet for bi-monthly worming injections. We only had one carrier so Bono was stuffed in to that and Smudge was OK on her harness and lead. Good job we had trained her for that in the days when we had the motorhome in France. So that also meant that we had to add a cat carrier on to our shopping list for the South, far too expensive on our side. Bono was not too impressed, as we don’t suppose anything like that has happened to him before, but he just took it in his stride, especially as he got a big cuddle from the vet.

Joan had arranged to go and have a birthday lunch with Pam and the girls from her Aqua class. Pam had arranged to go to the new Chateau Lambousa restaurant which when I heard the stories later, was not too clever. this new restaurant and bar is a sort of training establishment, being run by GAU (Girne American University) ostensibly for the Horeca business. It would appear that if they are going to let untrained students loose with customers, they need to be better supervised. Two of the ladies didn’t get any lunch at all, one got something totally different to that which she ordered and another was told, sorry we don’t have chicken liver pate’, that’s on next weeks menu.

Anyway Joan got home at 2.45 so we were able to collect Barbara and head off South. We managed to get all our food shopping done and then went to the beach area, just after the airport and there we had a meal. We got to the airport at 9.30, only to find Caron beginning to panic, as her plane had got in from East Midlands, 15 minutes early and she was beginning to think that we had forgotten her. We finally giot back home around midnight.

Pam cutting in to her birthday cake at The Lambousa restaurant.

Pam cutting in to her birthday cake at The Lambousa restaurant.


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August 17th

Absolutely right, we did not make it to church this morning in fact by the time we had a light breakfast it was already past the time to leave home. Apart from that, we had arranged to meet Anne and David at the Kamares Restaurant for lunch.

Kamares is in fact an Indian restaurant, probably the best on the island. They do a special on Sunday lunch, a starter, main course, simple sweet and coffee with one drink free for only 25 TL. Joan is not a huge lover of Indian food but you can dictate the way you want it there so that suits her well. Her favourite is always Saag with lots of spinach and chicken or lamb, me I am a Jalfresi fan this time with prawns. It is amazing how many friends you meet up there on Sunday lunchtimes.

To find Kamares you need to go on to the by-pass, from the Lapta end. At the first roundabout, turn left and it is there about 100 meters down the road.

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August 16th

Today’s headline is    OUTCRY PROMPTS “CASINO” SIGN BAN.  It appears that there have been complaints about the island promoting itself as place of gambling. Now this is interesting as apparantly since 2009 the Games of Forune Law prohibits advertising of casinos in any way. Question if there is now concern about the public image of the TRNC, why has it taken 5 years for somebody to point this out and suggest heavy fines to the major hotels involved and why do they allow major signs offering “Night Clubs” with semi naked girls on the posters, when we all know what these really are. Surely these clubs are much worse public image than a few casinos!!!!

At a recent election the current Prime MInister ion Turkey has been elected as the next President. His first overseas visit is to be to TRNC at a date to be advised. Wonder if he is going to have anything interesting to say? Speaking of politicians, somebody sent me this funny today:-

Post Turtles

While stitching a cut on the hand of a 75 year old farmer, whose hand was caught in the squeeze gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man.
Eventually the topic got around to politicians and their role as our leaders.

The old rancher said, “Well, as I see it, most politicians are ‘Post Turtles’.”

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a ‘post turtle’ was.

The old rancher said, “When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle.”

The old rancher saw the puzzled look on the doctor’s face so he continued to explain.
“You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, he’s elevated beyond his ability to function, and you just wonder what kind of dumb arse put him up there to begin with.”

Best explanation of a politician I’ve ever heard.

Maybe some will be offended, but I thought it was funny.

Road reports this week. Driver is jailed for four years after killing three people due to carless driving. Mayor’s father and uncle killed in a head on collision and a family escaped serious injury when their car overturned. In every instance the report is down to “lost control”. Couldn’t possibly be due to the dreaded mobile phone could it.

This evening Joan and I had arranged to go to Silver Rocks with Anne and her grandsons, we were all joined there by Barbara, Shiela and  Irene, obviously I spoke too soon saying we had avoided going out to eat so often this week.

We had in fact agreed to this knowing that we had a family of 6 arriving at Omac’s villa this evening. They were due in to Laranaca from Luton and the Larnaca flight arrivals schedule suggested at 11 o’clock, that the flight was still in Luton, so we went to bed. Then just after midnight my phone rang and it was the family saying they were just coming in to Girne with their taxi, so I shot out of bed met them at the Hire Car offices and led them round to the villa. So after showing them briefly how things worked I got back to bed around 1.30 a.m.. Don’t reckon I will be going to church in the morning.

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August 15th

A sort of uneventful but very hot week. We just did our Aqua Aerobics on Tuesday and Friday and behaved ourselves by not going out to eat during the week but of course Friday is the exception. However Joan had arranged to go to a Ladies Night at The Black Olive so that meant me joining the very few of the Lapta Layabouts for this evening.

The remaing layabouts out were Anne, with her four grandsons, Andrew and Sue and little old me. So because the four boys have been here many times before, they picked The Green Owl for this evening. An enjoyable evening and I just made it home before Joan, who also said she had really enjoyed her night out. In fact there was somebody at her venue selling jewellery and she bought herself a very nice hallmarked silver snake necklace.

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