August 20th

We had agreed to go to Larnaca airport and collect Barbara’s daughter, who is here for two months. The idea is that she thinks Barbara needs looking after. Obviously we had all three agreed that this was also an opportunity to do some shopping on the way, as her flight was not due until 9 p.m.

First job for Joan and I this morning was to catch two cats and take them to the vet for bi-monthly worming injections. We only had one carrier so Bono was stuffed in to that and Smudge was OK on her harness and lead. Good job we had trained her for that in the days when we had the motorhome in France. So that also meant that we had to add a cat carrier on to our shopping list for the South, far too expensive on our side. Bono was not too impressed, as we don’t suppose anything like that has happened to him before, but he just took it in his stride, especially as he got a big cuddle from the vet.

Joan had arranged to go and have a birthday lunch with Pam and the girls from her Aqua class. Pam had arranged to go to the new Chateau Lambousa restaurant which when I heard the stories later, was not too clever. this new restaurant and bar is a sort of training establishment, being run by GAU (Girne American University) ostensibly for the Horeca business. It would appear that if they are going to let untrained students loose with customers, they need to be better supervised. Two of the ladies didn’t get any lunch at all, one got something totally different to that which she ordered and another was told, sorry we don’t have chicken liver pate’, that’s on next weeks menu.

Anyway Joan got home at 2.45 so we were able to collect Barbara and head off South. We managed to get all our food shopping done and then went to the beach area, just after the airport and there we had a meal. We got to the airport at 9.30, only to find Caron beginning to panic, as her plane had got in from East Midlands, 15 minutes early and she was beginning to think that we had forgotten her. We finally giot back home around midnight.

Pam cutting in to her birthday cake at The Lambousa restaurant.

Pam cutting in to her birthday cake at The Lambousa restaurant.


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August 17th

Absolutely right, we did not make it to church this morning in fact by the time we had a light breakfast it was already past the time to leave home. Apart from that, we had arranged to meet Anne and David at the Kamares Restaurant for lunch.

Kamares is in fact an Indian restaurant, probably the best on the island. They do a special on Sunday lunch, a starter, main course, simple sweet and coffee with one drink free for only 25 TL. Joan is not a huge lover of Indian food but you can dictate the way you want it there so that suits her well. Her favourite is always Saag with lots of spinach and chicken or lamb, me I am a Jalfresi fan this time with prawns. It is amazing how many friends you meet up there on Sunday lunchtimes.

To find Kamares you need to go on to the by-pass, from the Lapta end. At the first roundabout, turn left and it is there about 100 meters down the road.

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August 16th

Today’s headline is    OUTCRY PROMPTS “CASINO” SIGN BAN.  It appears that there have been complaints about the island promoting itself as place of gambling. Now this is interesting as apparantly since 2009 the Games of Forune Law prohibits advertising of casinos in any way. Question if there is now concern about the public image of the TRNC, why has it taken 5 years for somebody to point this out and suggest heavy fines to the major hotels involved and why do they allow major signs offering “Night Clubs” with semi naked girls on the posters, when we all know what these really are. Surely these clubs are much worse public image than a few casinos!!!!

At a recent election the current Prime MInister ion Turkey has been elected as the next President. His first overseas visit is to be to TRNC at a date to be advised. Wonder if he is going to have anything interesting to say? Speaking of politicians, somebody sent me this funny today:-

Post Turtles

While stitching a cut on the hand of a 75 year old farmer, whose hand was caught in the squeeze gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man.
Eventually the topic got around to politicians and their role as our leaders.

The old rancher said, “Well, as I see it, most politicians are ‘Post Turtles’.”

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a ‘post turtle’ was.

The old rancher said, “When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle.”

The old rancher saw the puzzled look on the doctor’s face so he continued to explain.
“You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, he’s elevated beyond his ability to function, and you just wonder what kind of dumb arse put him up there to begin with.”

Best explanation of a politician I’ve ever heard.

Maybe some will be offended, but I thought it was funny.

Road reports this week. Driver is jailed for four years after killing three people due to carless driving. Mayor’s father and uncle killed in a head on collision and a family escaped serious injury when their car overturned. In every instance the report is down to “lost control”. Couldn’t possibly be due to the dreaded mobile phone could it.

This evening Joan and I had arranged to go to Silver Rocks with Anne and her grandsons, we were all joined there by Barbara, Shiela and  Irene, obviously I spoke too soon saying we had avoided going out to eat so often this week.

We had in fact agreed to this knowing that we had a family of 6 arriving at Omac’s villa this evening. They were due in to Laranaca from Luton and the Larnaca flight arrivals schedule suggested at 11 o’clock, that the flight was still in Luton, so we went to bed. Then just after midnight my phone rang and it was the family saying they were just coming in to Girne with their taxi, so I shot out of bed met them at the Hire Car offices and led them round to the villa. So after showing them briefly how things worked I got back to bed around 1.30 a.m.. Don’t reckon I will be going to church in the morning.

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August 15th

A sort of uneventful but very hot week. We just did our Aqua Aerobics on Tuesday and Friday and behaved ourselves by not going out to eat during the week but of course Friday is the exception. However Joan had arranged to go to a Ladies Night at The Black Olive so that meant me joining the very few of the Lapta Layabouts for this evening.

The remaing layabouts out were Anne, with her four grandsons, Andrew and Sue and little old me. So because the four boys have been here many times before, they picked The Green Owl for this evening. An enjoyable evening and I just made it home before Joan, who also said she had really enjoyed her night out. In fact there was somebody at her venue selling jewellery and she bought herself a very nice hallmarked silver snake necklace.

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August 10th

Actually it is August 18th and I am way behind again. Time just flashes past and then I realise that I have not kept people up to date. We have also been quite occupied with the new added pussy cat. He has settled in remarkably well and there is now no agression between the two of them. He has discovered that he can jump up on to the canvas which spans over our front pergola, lie there and watch what is going on below.

I'll just lie here nd keep my eye on that other cat.

I’ll just lie here nd keep my eye on that other cat.

Today being Sunday it is church for us and this week we are on Sides Duty, which means we need to be there early and help set things out and then be around to guide late comers to seats available. It is still a quiet time of the year because many of the so called “Swallows” are still in UK.

After church we met up with Anne and David at The Hut for lunch, very pleasant sitting out inthe fresh air with one of Sue’s delicious seafood specials. Julia Price joined us as well for lunch and as we had not seen her for some time that made the afternoon even more pleasant.

When we got home we found that Smudge had taken up residence in the plant pot at the top of our stairs. She probably thinks, now he has got to walk passed me if he wants to go down stairs.

Good job there was not much in this planter.

Good job there was not much in this planter.


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August 9th

Saturday comes round again, far too quickly it seems as we get older, but I have had fun this week, booking for Bulgaria over Xmas and New Year then also for the U S of A  to celebrate Joan’s 75th. Really looking forward to that one as we have never been to USA before. We are doing Las Vegas, San Fransisco and the Tucson in Arizona. Strangely enough I received this link to a You Tube video about an Airbus landing in San Fransisco. Looks an amazing place.

Go full screen when watching this.

The main headline is of a further golf course to be built in the Bafra Tourism Investment Zone. A Turkish company has erected signs for a two hotel development and an 18 hole golf course. These are major investments which to me point more and more to a situation where North and South joining together in happiness cannot be going to happen.

In the meantime the new Mayor of Girne (Kyrenia) has scrapped the scheme dreamt up by the previous mayor to build walkways, cafes, bars and a sandy beach behind Girne Castle, never really got off the ground, so has now been scrapped.

There is still considerable concern by KAR, the animal charity, about the government scheme to microchip all dogs. Locals are saying they can’t afford the costs so are slinging dogs out, so KAR are now overun with dogs and cannot take more in. Euthanasia is still a non policy here but my guess is in time it must happen. Education is beginning to help when locals realise the neutering is another solution but of course against their religion.

Part of the cash from the 3million heist has been found, but only just over 770 thousand so there is still some at large as well as some of those responsible. The police also arrested one of their own, a deputy police inspector, who was in Turkey and is now supposed to be in UK. He is of course denying all knowledge of the case.

A Russian tour operator has gone bust, leaving Russian tourists stranded in the South. It seems that 160 tourists will have to pay their own costs, including return flights, hopefully they had adequate insurance in Russia.

Joan and I have a little work to do in the Omac Villa this week, before the next visitors arrive. We need to add another double bed by moving the dining table back into the kitchen area and making that room into a double. Makes more sense really as that would make the villa suitable for 6 people. For those of you who have been looking at this one in the past, the bad news is that the price has to go up, with taxes etc we are not breaking even so for next year the price will be £300 per week, still one of the cheapest holiday villa’s with pool here in TRNC.

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August 8th

In Alsancak there is a restaurant, almost opposite the Cancer Charity Shop, that specialises in Fish, Chips and Mushy peas, on a Friday, at only 20 TL, so the gang decided to give it a try. Nice but I have had better fish & chips. I think they buy in frozen ready done fish which is why the batter was a little chewy. I suppose with that sort of ready meal you really need to get the temperature of the fat really right. But having said that, it was very edible and very acceptable for the price.

After dinner we all went round to Chareau Lambousa.  It was the official  opening of their new bar area, called The North Shield. Special price drinks and a singer for the evening. I suppose we have to recognise the Girne American University have taken over the whole on a long lease, spent huge sums of money to use it as a Horeca traing establishment. The bar staff did not really have a clue, Joan’s vodka/tonic and Sue’s gin/tonic went back twice before Andrew and I went up to the bar to explain how to do it.

The University have spent vast sums of money and made a beautiful job of restoring the Chateau. I believe they have negotiated a 15 year lease and hope to get their investment back. Maybe with traing the staff will learn how to make something as basdic as a G & T.

A fun evening out with the gang and it was very nice to see what has been done with the old run down chateau.

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August 7th

It is reaaly very hot these days and unfortunately also very humid. You can see when we are going to get a humid day by looking up the mountain first thing in the morning. If there is a layer of clouds low down over the tops then we know the heat is going to build up and stay under these clouds. Problem then is trying to get dry when you come out of the morning shower. But then we came here for warmer weather and that’s what we have got.

Yesterday we went over South with Barbara as we all needed some shopping and at the same time we took advantage of the special deal on three months insurance, we need it so that we can go over to Larnaca and collect Barbara’s daughter on August 20th. This will also see Joan and I through to almost the time when we go to UK in November.

We will need to book insurance again when we get back from UK, as Joan and I have tickets to fly out of Larnaca on 21st December to Bulgaria for Xmas and New Year.

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August 6th

A comment has been put through on August 2nd which I just have to repeat here.

A salutory lesson here for all ex-pats. All the Deemings’ assets were in Rob’s name alone, even the car, so basically Jill has very little until it has all gone through Probate. That will take some time.

This is something which comes up time and time again. If you live here, then make sure everything is in joint names, even you car, that way the remaing spouse has access to all things and the time taken for probate becomes irrelevent.


Thank you Phil Eltringham for reminding us once again.


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August 5th

We have had the family Harvey, in Omac’s villa for the last couple of weeks. A couple of snags occured during their visit, such as one of the air cons packed up in the main bedroom, just before the Bayram holiday, so of course no engineer for 4 days, then they had an invasion of ants suddenly. Ants are a constant problem here but they don’t always get in to the villas. Anyway I spoke to Mr Omac and suggested an evening out at the villa’s expense was the minimum compensation, to which he readily agreed.

So this evening we took them to The Tamazan Restaurant in Al;sancak, one of the traditional Cypriot Restaurants and they enjoyed a meal at our expense. A very enjoyable evening as they are a nice family who have made some really constructive comments about the villa, which will enable Joan and I to put the points to Omac himself.

Mark, Jan, Duncan and Vanessa with us at the restaurant.

Mark, Jan, Duncan and Vanessa with us at the restaurant.

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