February 27th 2016

Huge scandal reported today in the local English language newspaper. There has been a Woman’s Health and Birth Centre in Girne for a few years now. Acting on a tip off, the police have discovered a number of foetuses buried in woods in Karakum and Catalkoy. It is believed that a couple of these baby remains could have been as much as 7 months old before abortion took place. The law here allows abortion up to 10 weeks, unless there is underlying reasons of danger to the mother and the baby. Four prominent doctors are among the eight people arrested and they are remanded in custody until further investigations have taken place. This news has logically shocked many here and we of course must wait for the legal things to be resolved, meanwhile there are questions being asked about control over private clinics and of course, are there more foetuses yet to be discovered.

This does bring home the lack of any centralised Government control over many things here, not just private clinics, but building work, planning, or the lack of it and highlights the element of greed and corruption which exists, close to the surface. Ex-pats might complain about the over use of government control in UK and elsewhere in Europe but things like this highlight the need.

“The Great Escape”. Last week I discussed the street dogs being lifted off the streets of Girne and put in to a makeshift compound up the mountain. Well this week some of the dogs tunnelled under the wire and escaped themselves. Several dogs had been returned to the streets last week and others with health problems, taken to KAR for treatment, so clearly the remaining few wanted out and staged their own breakout. Speaking of strays, we have had a lovely Boxer, Bull Mastiff cross around the area of our top road. He has been named as Winston by locals and has clearly just been dumped. He is very friendly and seems to respond to English commands. Maybe some nasty people have gone back to UK and just dumped him here, he watches every car carefully as if asking “have you come to take me home”.

The lovely Winston.

The lovely Winston.

All our Snickers and Mars bars have been taken off the shelves in supermarkets, because of the company recall due to the finding of plastic in a Snickers bar. Sad thing really but probablly good for my waistline.

Finally the coalition partners have come to their senses and signed a deal on the water distribution. It beggars belief that it could take 5 years from the start of this huge costly project, that is an incredible feat of engineering, for our local government to reach an agreement about distribution. Just an indication as I have already said, many times, they couldn’t run a sweetie shop.

More vehicle accidents reported as usual, this week also a motorcyclist has been killed. If you do come over here on holiday and hire a car, then always drive defensively. The road sense of the average TC citizen is almost zero, down I believe to lack of good training and no basic instructions such as a Highway Code.


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