March 5th 2016

Last week I mentioned the newspaper article about the Women’s Health and Baby Clinic in Girne and the fact that the leading doctors have been arrested because abortions have been taking place outside the legal limits. Well they have uncovered foetuses ┬áIt is now being suggested that the people involved, the doctors who owned the clinic and other staff, could face murder charges, as many of these babies were over the allowed ages and some may prove to have survived after they were born. A shocking business which I can only imagine was based on greed as some of these mothers are in from the mainland of Turkey.

No doubt it has been reported in the UK press that two female terrorists attacked a police station in Istanbul and ultimately shot by the police over there. Well it is now revealed that one of these girls grew up in Northern Cyprus before going to Turkey to a university there. The body has been flown back to the TRNC for burial here with tight security in place.

Things are changing here these days. The report of arson attacks on garages and other businesses in Lefkosa, from a few weeks ago, seems now, according to the police to be because of a “Mafia-style” racket of extortion and protection. Four more people have been arrested on charges of arson and extortion and lawyers have demanded that police up their game against these sort of crimes. This used to be such a quiet peaceful little island !!!

Road accidents again. Four people died in the last week. Three of the four were apparently not wearing seatbelts, which is a fairly common practice here, we even see the police driving around without belting up. There is no application of any of the regulations here and you rarely see police patrolling the roads. It might be a good idea to introduce the equivalent of the Highway Code and a written test before the actual driving test.

Now here is one for the books. A Greek Cypriot civil servant has written a letter complaining about being overpaid and underworked. It seems as though this person was appointed as the single point of contact at the energy, commerce and tourism ministry in February 2015. Since that date not a single file has crossed his desk so he has done no work during that period. It seems as if his salary was 5,000 euros monthly and he says he could have stayed at home, received his salary monthly without the cost of heat and light in his office.

There are still arguments going on about who should be responsible for the cost and profit of the water being pumped around the island from the reservoir at Gecitikoy. It has taken 5 years for this project to be completed and cost billions of dollars, but they have only now started to discuss and argue about the supply route and who should be responsible.

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