March 12th 2016

Another death on the road. This time an overtaking driver ploughed into a lady’s car with her three children in it and one two and a half year old boy was killed There is a suggestion that the little boy was in fact thrown out of the vehicle, which means of course, he was not strapped into a safety seat of any kind. It still amazes me that people just allow their kids to be loose in the back of vehicles. Back to the need for real safety rules and the proper enforcement of them.

Further on to page 7 of the paper and there is an article that says “Dozen injured in week of car crashes.” Witnesses say that one smash in a supermarket car park left the area looking like a war zone. One car drove in without stopping and another speeding vehicle drove into the back of him, the driver of the speeding car then lost control, smashed into the pavement then a security hut which was then uprooted and into the back of another car. The original not stopping car then drove into the back of another parked car. All in all a real shambles. Note how everybody seems just to lose control of their cars !!!!

The funeral took place of the female terrorist shot by police in Istanbul, during the week under tight police security. A couple of the mourners were taken in to custody for security reasons, but later released. One person was arrested for having a suspicious flag in his car.

On the abortion scandal, there is a definite link to Turkey. Seven foetuses have been found but the police are looking for 5 more. An additional arrest has now been made of the clinics secretary, for allegedly erasing records of abortions carried out since 2013 by destroying the clinics appointments book.This is going to rumble on for some time and one of the doctors, currently undergoing health treatment, but held in the hospital,is the wife of a local MP.

Some Girne and Alsancak venues have been fined for breaking the smoking regulations. Interesting this, as a couple of weeks ago our Friday group went to the Capitano restaurant in Alsancak and smelt cigarette smoke when we went in. We later complained to the manager about a group of ladies smoking at their table, only to be told by one of them that they had been given permission to smoke and that it was not illegal. At least they went outside after this confrontation, so we wonder if this was one of them.

Six building sites have been closed down during the last week due to inadequacies in the building regulation controls, not before time I think as many builders just take risks and there are many injuries and even some deaths.

Hundreds have marched through the capital on International Women’s Day. A recent survey conducted has concluded that domestic violence figures here are shocking. In the Karpaz area alone the results show that one in every two women have been subjected to violence and throughout the rest of the TRNC at least one in three women have suggested that they have been slapped.and now funding is in place for the construction of a Women’s refuge. There is already a a shelter for 44 battered women but it is recognised that this shelter has limited resources. Interesting to note that a similar march was planned in Istanbul, but banned by the government. As a way of protest some women decided to go ahead with the march and were met with rubber bullets. A totally different attitude on the mainland.

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